Monday, November 16, 2009

I am still here!

Yes...I have neglected my blog for some time...but it is going to get better! I am going to work on a study on how we can be loving, fearless, respectful, and relentless women! So we can be women that stand up for what is important and know our worth. Sometimes I feel that women as a whole may have forgotten why we were created and our important role in society. We see it everyday a woman who has lowered her expectations and settled...never reaching that place in her life when she can say she has arrived. Women are able to bring out the best in a man. We can encourage our children to rise to the top. We were not designed to give up, but to PUSH! Women are strong, compassionate, wise, and nurturing. We love the one's who don't always deserve the love, are put our hearts into things that we are passionate about. I am excited about the new information that I will share. Hold is coming soon!!

Be blessed and let your beauty shine inside and out!

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