Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Change Experience

Just wanted to share a site that I am so happy I found. On my journey to a better me, I have my good days and bad days...who doesn't. There are times when I feel good about myself and times when I feel discouraged. Joy is our strength to keep going, move forward and do what is right! Anyway, here is an online study that focuses on family and relationships (of all kinds), finances, as well as spiritual growth. We have to continuously work on ourselves in the inside to effectively transform so our beauty shows just with our presence. No matter how much makeup, clothing or other beauty enhancements we buy...if you are not developed in the inside it is done with no purpose. Our inner beauty should cause our outer beauty to shine regardless of what we have on or how we look. To do this study it only took me 15-20 mins. I am online a lot so it really is a useful tool. Be encouraged and I hope you take advantage of this site and what it offers!!


Thank you Creflo and Taffi Dollar for helping others CHANGE...metamorphosis in action...

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